Purchase and return policy, privacy

  1. Return policy

When you receive the order we advise to check consignment as soon as possible (before using the product), check invoice and package.

Goods could be returned if:

  • You received the wrong products;

We apologize if You received products that you did not order. We will solve this issue as soon as possible. For refunding the amount You paid, you will have to return the goods in 14 days in the same condition as received.

  • You received damaged goods:

We apologize if You received damaged goods. We will try to solve this issue as soon as possible. If You think that a product you received is damaged or unfit for consumption, contact us immediately. After receiving detailed information about the defect we will advise on what to do next.

  • You did not receive the goods.

We apologize if you did not receive your ordered goods. We will try and solve this issue as soon as possible. For refunding or sending a different product you will have to inform us about not receiving goods in 21 days from when you received confirmation of expulsion.

Return conditions:

  1. Product was not damaged.
  2. Product was not used.
  3. Product is in original and intact packaging.
  4. Labels were not removed.
  5. The product did not lose its marketable appearance because of Buyer (accept for the lesions that are inevitable if You want to view the item).

If you want to return the goods:

Please contact us by email and inform about the issues You are having regarding the product. We kindly ask you to submit the information listed above or send visuals. We will examine the case and inform you about the return address and conditions.

When returning the product, please safely pack the goods and specify Your name, address and purchase invoice or check. If You would like to get products that we have discontinued, we will return full price to the specified credit / debit card or PaySera account. Until the package that You are returning reaches our warehouse it is Your responsibility, so we advise to use reliable delivery services.

In 14 days the seller will inform the Buyer about conditions regarding their goods.

We can refund your payment for delivery services if:

  • We sent You not what was ordered
  • The product is damaged or has defects.

The refund of payment for delivery will depend on the goods. All information will be given to You after investigation.

If You noticed that packaging is damaged (crumpled up, wet or otherwise externally damaged), You have to mark it in the invoice or other documents regarding the reception of consignment. Additionally, write a consignment violation act regarding the conditions above. Failing to do so will result in the seller being dismissed of responsibility for infringement of goods.

After Buyer signs invoice or other document regarding giving and receiving the package, it will be considered that consignment was given in appropriate condition.