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September 25, 2021

Maisto papildų paieškos tėtį su dukra paskatino sukurti savo verslą: sujungė tradicijas ir vaistažolininkystės paveldą

Maisto papildų vartojimo patirtį turinti šeima išbandė daugybę preparatų, tačiau tokių, kurie juos tenkintų, taip ir nerado, todėl nusprendė pradėti...
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September 25, 2021

Šeimos verslas pristatė kokybiškus maisto papildus

Maisto papildų prekių ženklą „MyLifeForce“ įkūrė tėčio ir dukros duetas: kauniečiai Mindaugas Samuolis (42) ir Gabrielė Samuolytė (23). Pasitelkę dukros...
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About Us

MyLifeForce – a new Lithuanian brand of food supplements.

Our food supplements are crafted with respect to long lasting traditions of herbal medicine in Lithuania. The development of our recipes is backed by knowledge of human physiology and the expertise of biochemistry specialists, including a PhD in agronomy and winner of Lithuania’s 2014 prize of science in medicine and agriculture. Special care is also taken to ensure compatibility between chemical components and plant extracts. MyLifeForce food supplements are suited for vegetarians and vegans as they are derived from plants, minerals and cruelty-free bee products.

The manufacturing process is also crucial. MyLifeForce food supplements are made in specific and pristine room conditions by utilizing powerful filters and highly sensitive sensors.

We strive for high quality in all aspects when creating and producing our products.

Take care of Your life force with MyLifeForce!