Fermented fireweed leaf tea

Fermented fireweed leaf tea

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Fermented fireweed leaf tea

Net mass: 30g

IVAN CHAI narrow-leaved fireweed tea fermented in oak barrels.

The wild crop is harvested and the leaves are twisted by hand.

Fireweed tea was widely used in Russia even before the spread of black and green tea. From that time until today, its popular name “IVAN CHAI” or, according to its place of production, “Koporskij chai” remains. Russia exported this tea to England and other European countries until the end of the 19th century.

Fireweed tea is popular and popular not only for its taste, but also for its beneficial properties for the body. It is rich in carotene and vitamin C, rich in minerals, contains flavanoids, pectins, tannin, chlorophyll, polysaccharides, organic acids, etc. Fireweed tea has no caffeine so it does prevent sleep or suppress, so it can be drunk both in the morning and in the evening.

A healthy alternative to black or green tea..

Natural, without any additives, synthetic ingredients, preservatives.



Pour 1 teaspoon into 1 glass of hot water and wait until simmer. After opening, store in a tightly closed, cool and dry place.


Made in Lithuania


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